Sleep Oil - 1200mg


Wander sleep oil has a new blend of ingredients that help to settle the mind and body to prepare for rest. An ancient herbal sleep aid, Valerian Root helps induce sleep while the reishi mushroom extract can help settle the stomach.

CBD has proven to be helpful for our customers near bed time, and this product was born as a stronger option. Valerian Root adds a sedative element to the other relaxing and calming ingredients in this high-powered tincture. Check out all of the great ingredients below!



fractionated coconut oil (MCT)

passion fruit seed oil

hemp extract (CBD)

valerian root extract

essential oil blend

    • grapefruit
    • mandarin
    • lavender

reishi extract


dosage recommendations

We recommend a starting dose of 10mg across the board for all of our customers looking for a place to start. This is because, simply, we do not know how much of the product you will benefit from using! Your dosage depends on many factors like; time of consumption, before or after a meal, anatomy, strength of symptoms, and many more.

10mg is a relatively small dose, and for some folks that is all it takes! The stronger your symptoms, the larger your dose. Begin to experiment after a week or so, if you feel you need more relief.

tips + tricks

Our CBD oil is designed to be dropped on the tongue, then swallowed. Holding the oil under your tongue is the quickest way for it to absorb (sublingually), but some people prefer to digest their tincture. We suggest trying both see which you prefer!

The oil can also be applied topically to provide relief. Our balms are designed to soak in quickly and deeply, in addition to hydrating butters that moisturize the skin, but the oil can provide topical relief as well. We suggest trying your oil topically to see if you'd benefit from one of our balms!

contact us!

please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions! we answer a lot of questions, and will be happy to provide any info we can to help you learn more about our products.