salve - 500mg

salve - 500mg

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wander cbd salve is an all-purpose, moisturizing, medicated balm. this is the topical version of our cbd oil.

we have found it to be an essential product to have around everyday for uses like – sore muscles, joint aches and pains, bug bites and other localized injury recovery.

give it a try, and please let us know how it helps.



understanding how to dose yourself is crucial to providing the appropriate type of relief. our advice – start slow and small.

fill your index fingertip with a dollop of salve, and place on treatment area. massaging salve into skin for muscle or joint issues and leaving a thicker layer for rashes or irritations.

some useful information:

total cbd content – 500 mg

total volume – 2 ounces

finger dollop – approx. 10 mg cbd

whenever a herbal routine is started, it is important to have a specific symptom or ailment and to focus intently on it throughout the introduction of the herb. this will allow you to feel how the product is affecting the area, and adjust dosage, delivery method or product type.



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