about us

our story

we are a group of talented and experienced individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds. those include finance, military, cannabis, farming, education, tech and cooking. collectively, we’ve experienced the cbd and hemp markets and we were left wanting more. therefore, we combined our thoughts about how cbd and hemp products should look, taste and feel. we bring you wander a high quality, ingredient driven approach to the world of cbd.

our mission

to get a form of cbd into every medicine cabinet in the world and create the highest quality products possible for a reasonable price.

our philosophy

simply - do the right thing, by sourcing natural ingredients from producers who absolutely love what they do. our products are made from the best ingredients on earth; we know where our ingredients come from - a concept which is lost by many companies today. cbd helps with numerous ailments, it balances the body and allows your body to heal itself. at wander we truly believe that it should be a part of everyone’s health and wellness routine.
we want our customers to trust and know that we stand behind our products. we stand behind our mission. we want you to stand behind us.