Pet Oil - 600mg


This is our newest product, and has been a big favorite with our furry friends! With some "meatier" ingredients like cod liver oil and pork, we call it our savory oil. This anti-inflammatory blend of ingredients was designed to bring swift relief to discomfort in the gut, joints, and brains of all mammals!

Our shop is pet friendly! Bring them by today to try a sample!



pork fat

cod liver oil

turmeric extract

essential oil blend

    • ginger
    • black pepper
    • fennel


dosage recommendations

For pets our recommendations change. Due to their often smaller and simpler systems, we recommend smaller starting dosages. A guide we recommend is 1mg CBD/10 lb, based off of research and our experience talking with customers. This is a starting dosage and as we recommend to all of our human customers, as well, slowing increasing your dose after a week or so is the best way to find your ideal dosage.

We urge you to double-check the ingredients for any allergies, and please seek medical consultation if you have any worries at all about trying any new product on yourself or your pets.


tips + tricks

The best way to administer this oil to your pet is often on a treat, so that they can get it all in one bite! a consistent dose is key to understanding the ideal dose for your pet.

The oil can also be applied topically to provide relief. Our balms are designed to soak in quickly and deeply, in addition to hydrating butters that moisturize the skin, but the oil can provide topical relief as well. We suggest trying your oil topically to see if you'd benefit from one of our balms!


contact us!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions! We answer a lot of questions, and will be happy to provide any info we can to help you learn more about our products.