Downtown Frederick Location

27 South Market Street
Frederick, MD

Mon - Tues, Closed
Wed - Sat, 11am - 8pm
Sunday, 12am - 5pm

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We are constantly adding new features to our stores. Our "in real life" experience is different. We literally opened our wander experience to connect with you - our customer.  

Our Philosophy

Anxiety? Pain? Sleeping Issues?

Hemp on its own has an incredible ability to help with those issues. But, combine hemp with other functional herbs & plants. And you have created some effective natural remedies. 

No planet? No hemp. No plants. No fun.

We all live on one planet. Though Elon Musk may take us to Mars one day, We still have to take care of the only planet we have. Therefore, Wander has decided to continually commit as many resources as we can afford to help reverse climate change, improve the environment, and preserve the only home we've got. 

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